Cost Analysis

If your business requires your employees to travel off Long Island, you are sacrificing significant time and production. The traffic congestion in and out of Long Island makes any trip by car at least one to two hours longer, and regional airline travel is inefficient and frustrating. Your business needs travel solutions that will maximize the value of your employees.

For less than $500 per hour, you will have unlimited access to an aircraft and all of your expenses will be covered – insurance, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, and your own pilot! You can fly anywhere you want on your own schedule in one of the fastest, safest, most reliable, and most convenient single engine aircraft of the market – the Cirrus SR-22.

New Haven, CT
CarCirrus SR-22
Distance53 Miles24 Miles
Time4 hrs. Round Trip 30 min. Round Trip
Employee Time Value*$862$323
Travel Costs$100$455
Total Cost$962$778
Boston, MA
Regional AirlineCirrus SR-22
Distance146 Miles146 Miles
Time8 hrs. (6 hr. Prior, security, etc)2.5 hrs. Round Trip
Employee Time Value*$1290$538
Travel Costs$1200$1135
Total Cost$2490$1673
Pittsburgh, PA
Regional AirlineCirrus SR-22
Distance311 Miles311 Miles
Time8 hrs. (1 hr. Prior, security, etc)4 hrs. Round Trip
Employee Time Value*$1720$1075
Travel Costs$1300$1600
Total Cost$3020$2675
Greensboro, NC
Regional AirlineCirrus SR-22
Distance415 Miles415 Miles
Time8 hrs. (1 hr. Prior, security, etc)6 hrs. Round Trip
Employee Time Value*$1935$1290
Travel Costs$1400$2040
Total Cost$3335$3330

*Employee Time Value - The employee time value was calculated by comparing the costs of 2 employees making a combined income of $450,000 traveling on a business trip.