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About Nassau Flyers

Nassau Flyers is a Long Island aviation company at Republic Airport specializing in aircraft management, aircraft sales, and flight training. As a partner of Cirrus Aircraft – the manufacturer of the most advanced and best-selling single-engine aircraft on the market – we offer a variety of options to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals. Whether you are fulfilling a lifelong dream to learn how to fly, or you are interested in a career as a commercial pilot, Nassau Flyers has training programs at Republic Airport to take you there. Our cost-effective training programs will make you a safe and proficient pilot for years to come.

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2018 Cirrus Life

  • Testimonial
    “This is a must for anyone who has ever wanted to fly a plane. The equipment is well maintained and the staff and instructors are great. I felt very safe and enjoyed every single moment. I can't wait to go again. I literally got to fly the plane from takeoff to landing with very little help. Now that's a total experience.” – Owen S.
  • Testimonial
    “If you're looking for quality flight instruction, I would absolutely recommend Nassau Flyers. Great staff and a great selection of airplanes. – Ryan N. First class flight school. Impeccably maintained fleet. Thoroughly professional CFIs. Support staff providing excellent customer service. Lastly, ever-present owner to whom the school is a way of life, rather than a hobby. ” – Steve M.
  • Testimonial
    “I took my flying lessons at Nassau Flyers and the management and staff at the school are professional and friendly. From the first lesson all the way through to the checkride the service and attention giving to student pilots is 100%.” – Aidan B.
  • Testimonial
    “ After visiting other flight schools at Republic Airport, I decided to fly with Nassau Flyers. They are the only Cirrus Training Center on Long Island, and they have the newest and nicest fleet at the airport. The staff is professional and the school is well run. I highly recommend them for all of your training.” – Chris P.