Having managed over 50 aircraft, we know that owning a private airplane makes your life or business more convenient, comfortable and productive. However many either don’t know where to start or do not have the time to handle all of the intricacies that are required to own and manage your airplane.   With our help, you get a turnkey program from a skilled, vetted and trusted team of aircraft management experts.

Nassau Flyers becomes your personal flight department handling all technical, operational and pilot details so you can get the most out of your investment.



Nassau Flyers will help you research, plan and choose the appropriate aircraft for your unique needs.  Using a customized approach, we work to find the right blend of price, performance and long term ownership costs for your needs.  We are aviation experts who have the experience to remove uncertainty and risk from your investment.



Make one call and let our owner services team handle all the details. Your crew and aircraft will be ready for you.

We manage your entire flight operation. Our team can handle the hiring, training and payroll of the crew, using skilled and experienced pilots and maintenance professionals who are familiar with your aircraft.



Our technicians are factory trained to work on our aircraft. Our team will source parts, manage records and oversee all service and maintenance-related needs and upgrades.



The choice is yours. When the plane is not in use, it can sit ready to go for your next trip. Otherwise, you can put some or all of that downtime to good use, offsetting your costs by allowing others to fly in it.  There are many different ways to offset costs and we can walk you through all of the different options available. In all scenarios our team handles the booking and paperwork. You sit back, review the numbers on detailed statements and enjoy the results.

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