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We ignite the passion for flight in every individual who steps foot in our Platinum Cirrus Training and Service Center at Republic Airport in Farmingdale New York. With over 40 years of delivering aviation services and experiences, we are Long Island’s exclusive Cirrus Platinum Partner.  From Aircraft Management,our modern flight school and flight training programs to our FAA-approved Cirrus Factory Authorized Service center we provide turn-key experiences for your aviation lifestyle.

Fly higher and safer with us. The Cirrus line of airplanes are true symbols of safety, innovation, and comfort. Our fleet consists of always new state-of-the-art SR20, SR22 and SF50 (Vision Jet) Cirrus aircraft. With multiple exclusive safety features including the CAPS parachute system, Cirrus Aircraft is renowned for having the safest general aviation statistics globally, making it the preferred choice for universities, airlines, and even the US Airforce.

Embrace the future of flight with our innovative approach to flight training. Our combination of cutting-edge aircraft, online courses, flight simulation and modern training techniques makes it possible for you to soar from private pilot to commercial and CFII, without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. Don’t settle for outdated training methods in legacy airplanes. Join us and discover why learning to fly in a Cirrus has become the premier choice for aviators.

Whether your dream is to fly for fun, personal travel or to advance your business, Nassau Flyers will be with you every step of the way, providing the support and guidance you need to reach new heights. Start your journey to the skies today and make your dreams of flight a reality!


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  • Testimonial
    "I was shocked at the difference learning to fly in a Cirrus made. It made for a safer environment for me and made me a more proficient pilot for my family. The standardized approach and quality of instruction from Nassau Flyers is unlike anything else I've experienced. I am glad I took a discovery flight to see the difference myself" – Lindsay T.
  • Testimonial
    “First class flight school. Impeccably maintained fleet. Thoroughly professional CFIs. Support staff providing excellent customer service. Lastly, ever-present owner to whom the school is a way of life, rather than a hobby. ” – Steve M.
  • Testimonial
    “ After visiting other flight schools at Republic Airport, I decided to fly with Nassau Flyers. They are the only Cirrus Training Center on Long Island, and they have the newest and nicest fleet at the airport. The staff is professional and the school is well run. I highly recommend them for all of your training.” – Chris P.
  • Testimonial
    “I took my flying lessons at Nassau Flyers and the management and staff at the school are professional and friendly. From the first lesson all the way through to the checkride the service and attention giving to student pilots is 100%.” – Aidan B.
  • Testimonial
    “This is a must for anyone who has ever wanted to fly a plane. The equipment is well maintained and the staff and instructors are great. I felt very safe and enjoyed every single moment. I can't wait to go again. I literally got to fly the plane from takeoff to landing with very little help. Now that's a total experience.” – Owen S.
  • Testimonial
    "The quality of instruction at Nassau Flyers is miles ahead of other options I experienced. Their standardized approach to learning takes a page from the airlines and whether you are seeking a career in being a pilot or just a hobby like me, the benefit of this approach is night and day. Would not fly anywhere else." – Lisa T.