The success of nearly every business is reliant upon the direct impact of only a few key people. These crucial “doers” are the drivers of everything from service and product innovation to customer development and retention. In other words, they are the heart and soul of the businesses. Their time-place mobility is critical to the well-being of the business. Nassau Flyers understands the value of executive time, and our business offers substantial benefits to maximize this value.


Nassau Flyers only hires experienced and highly trained pilots to ensure your safety at all times. Our pilots have extensive experience in all types of flying conditions, and they are all trained by factory pilots at Cirrus Headquarters. The advanced avionics and systems in the Cirrus make it the safest single-engine piston airplane on the market. The airplane is equipped with the revolutionary Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System that can be used in any emergency situation to lead to a safe landing.


Flying a Cirrus is all about going where you want, when you want, in the manner you want. The airlines serve about 500 airports in the continental US. Nassau Flyers has the ability to serve over 5,000 smaller airports. The Fixed Base Operators at these airports cater not only to the care of the airplane, but they are clearly focused on taking care of you and your passengers with rental cars, meals and even meeting rooms. All of these services are designed to make your ground time more productive and enjoyable.


When you travel privately, you avoid airport parking problems and delays, ticket lines and waiting, security screening, departure and boarding delays, baggage space limitations, and air traffic control delays. The government's published airline numbers indicate that airlines depart late approximately 25% of the time.


Flying in a Cirrus affords you the flexibility to travel on your schedule to reach multiple destinations in one day. You will no longer need to worry about leaving your meeting early to make your airline flight, and you won’t need to spend multiple days traveling to different locations. As a Cirrus owner, the airplane leaves when you want it to leave.