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If you are interested in a career in aviation, you will need to pursue your Commercial Pilot Certificate. As a Commercial Pilot, you will have the opportunity to work for hire in a variety of flying jobs including, but not limited to, flight instruction, corporate aviation, banner towing, skydiving operations, and sightseeing.

Nassau Flyers offers Commercial Training in Cirrus aircraft, one of the most advanced single-engine complex aircraft available. Your training will be custom-tailored to your needs to maximize your training efficiency and prepare you for your future career in aviation. Those who complete their commercial training at Nassau Flyers often pursue the flight instructor rating, and they begin working for Nassau Flyers to build experience for the airlines.

A commercial rating allows you to carry passengers for hire and requires you to master the art and science of flying.

Hold a Private Pilot Certificate
Pass an FAA Written Exam
Be at least 18 years of age to
become a Commercial Pilot
Minimum of 250 hours of total
Flight time