Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cirrus and what is the difference between you and another flight school? 


Cirrus has proven to us and the industry that they are serious about safety, advancing GA and ensuring a luxury comfortable experience at every turn.  Given these attributes, we welcomed the additional layer of training and safety scrutiny Cirrus has developed in their training standards and have found the Cirrus platform to be more than just a plane which benefits our customer’s ability to become and remain the best pilots on the field.

A Cirrus Training Center (CTC) like Nassau Flyers is part of a nationwide network of training facilities known for their excellence in training and modern approach to customer service.  Nassau Flyers is proud to be a long-standing Platinum member of this network.  One of just a few in the nation to hold this accreditation from Cirrus.


Can I rent Cirrus aircraft from you? 


Yes.  We provide Cirrus aircraft rental as well as instruction.  All students and pilots must meet Cirrus transition and Nassau Flyers membership and recency requirements.  


Can Nassau Flyers provide instruction for short or long trips? 


Absolutely.  Some of the best experience is gained while flying on actual missions such as business or personal trip.  The FAA also requires trips of 50 miles or more when working towards certain certificate ratings.  Nassau Flyers can pair you with an instructor and handle the instructor’s lodging and travel needs in order to provide flight instruction on all parts of just some parts of the trip.


Can you fly me to where I want to go?  


Nassau Flyers provides aircraft management services and pilot services to businesses and individuals.  We have programs that help first-time aircraft owners navigate aircraft ownership in turn-key ways and assist tenured owners and business flight departments with their operations.  If you own your own aircraft then Nassau Flyers is a critical partner in enhancing your business aviation operations or aviation lifestyle.

If you do not own your own aircraft and the flight is not for the purposes of flight instruction we’d be happy to discuss other options.


Is flying expensive? 


There is little doubt that flying is not cheap.  The level of equipment, instructors and infrastructure we provide is not a discount service.  Our mission is to provide an alternative to the typical flight school experience and we invest heavily in top notch aircraft, customer experience and support.


What is a discovery flight and how much does it cost? 


It is designed to introduce you to flight training or to give you a perspective on how Nassau Flyers and training in a Cirrus is a unique experience compared to typical flight school offerings.  Our discovery flights start from $399.


How long does it take to get my private pilot certificate? 


It depends.   The FAA minimum flight time is 40 hours.  However, we emphasize proficiency and producing the best and safest pilots on the field.  Training in New York’s airspace is challenging but extremely rewarding.  If you can learn to fly here, you will have an unparalleled level of comfort flying just about anywhere. 


Why does the Cirrus have a parachute?  Is it not a good airplane to learn to fly in?


It is just a single component in a system of components that makes the Cirrus one of the safest GA airplanes around.  There had been some improper statements made about the reasoning behind the parachute such as the airplane is irrecoverable from a spin.  This is incorrect and in fact is certified to recover from a spin just like any other airplane.  Most fatal spins occur under 1,000 feet AGL and accident data suggest no pilot regardless of experience and no other airplane has an option if a spin occurs at that altitude.  Cirrus is the first airplane to provide an option that has saved hundreds of lives.

Electronic stability protection, airbags, infrared camera, onboard weather and traffic are just a few other systems that are usually only found on Jets which make the Cirrus an extremely safe airplane to fly compared to legacy airplanes.  Here are a few other reasons why learning to fly and flying a Cirrus is one of the best decisions you can make.


We are happy to answer any other questions you might have.  Give us a call!

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