Are You Passionate About Aviation or Want To Fly? Want To Experience It First-Hand? Nassau Flyers Is Here! As Long Island, New York’s Premier Flight School located at Republic Airport, Nassau Flyers can provide an amazing introductory or discovery flight – providing an amazing start on your aviation journey. Let Us Explore What This Means & Explore the Amazing Benefits

What Is an Introductory or Discovery Flight?

An introductory or discovery flight offers individuals a truly unforgettable experience: giving them a taste of what it’s like to pilot an aircraft and providing an exclusive firsthand look into pilot training process. On such flights, participants get the chance to sit in the pilot seat while being guided by one of our highly skilled and certified flight instructors.

An introductory or discovery flight serves as an informative stepping-stone to determine whether flying is right for you; experience its sheer joy firsthand to determine if embarking on this exciting journey towards becoming one is something worth embarking upon.

How to Choose a Flight School and Why Select Nassau Flyers as Your Flight School?

Nassau Flyers stands alone as Long Island’s premier flight school when it comes to introductory or discovery flights, offering unmatched experiences to prospective pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Expert Flight Instructors

Our flight instructors are skilled professionals with years of aviation experience who take great pleasure in sharing their passion with others, guaranteeing you receive top-quality instruction during your discovery flight.

Nassau Flyers boasts a modern fleet of well-maintained Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and safety features for an unparalleled flying experience. Step aboard one of these luxurious aircraft for a safe, relaxing flight.

Before taking flight, your instructor will provide an in-depth ground instruction session that covers essential topics like aircraft controls, safety procedures and principles of flight. This ensures you have an exceptional learning experience during your introductory flight experience.

Breathtaking Scenic Views

Long Island is home to breathtaking scenic vistas from above, whether you’re admiring its picturesque coastline of Suffolk and Nassau Country, New York or exploring vibrant cityscape of New York City. Your introductory flight with Nassau Flyers will offer an unforgettable experience.

Flexible Scheduling

At Nassau Flyers, we understand that everyone’s schedule is unique. That’s why we provide flexible scheduling options so that you can book a discovery flight at the time that best fits you!

If you have been dreaming of taking to the skies and exploring our planet from a new angle, an introductory or discovery flight with Nassau Flyers may be just what’s needed to kick-start your aviation journey. Experience piloting an aircraft while receiving expert instruction from certified flight instructors; make your first step toward becoming a pilot today by reaching out to Nassau Flyers on Long Island New York; start your adventure today!

Experience an extraordinary aviation journey when you book your introductory or discovery flight with Nassau Flyers. Reach us now by phone (631-454-0626) or by sending a note!